IT Department - Information and Communication Technology Institute

IT Department

Nowadays the Information technology is the need of the every fields of the life of the humanity, especially its need in the field of the Telecommunications As the ICT Institute feels deeply to have the IT Deportment in its frame, So Information Technology Department in the frame of the Information and Communication Technology Institute is one of the important departments, in اwhich there are one Head of the department and 7 instructors, Professor Assistants and Labrarians.They are responsible for teaching the classes of the institute with the proved curriculum and the topics which are prepared by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).the topics that are taught are semesterly as following:

  • Introduction to Computer 2nd Semester
  • Computer Networking and Internet 3rd Semester
  • Computer Architecture and Assembler 6th Semester
  • Database Systems 6th Semester
  • Programming in Java 2,7th Semester
  • Web Designing 7th Semester
  • Operating Systems 7th Semester
  • Programming in C++ 8th Semester
  • CBT and Distance Learning 8th Semester
  • Programming in Visual Basic+.Net 8th Semester
  • Network Administration 8th Semester
  • Networks Security 8th Semester.

The Highlighted branch of the IT Department is the Cisco Networking Academy System, Three category of the students are studying, the students of the Institute, the Trainees who pay the fees for every semesters and the third category is the professional stuff of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology .they are studying the IT Essentials 1&2 each for 5 months, the CCNA Discovery 1-4 and the CCNA Exploration 1-4 each for three months. Mr. Peer Mohammad Barialy Cisco specialist and Instructor is the Legal Main Contact (LMC) of the Cisco Networking Academy with the Experience of more then 7 years of Instruction in IT Essentials 1&2, and the CCNA 1-4, CCNA Discovery 1-4 and CCNA Exploration 1-4,Also there are 3 more experienced instructors instructing the Cisco classes in the academy.