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Language Department

TTC (telecommunication training center) was established in 1964 and then due to requirement of Afghanistan this center enhanced to ICTI (information and communication technology institute) in 2007 and its new curriculum and content of undergraduate program rearranged according to ITU syllabus.In this updated curriculum, English is been consider as one of important subjects and as it is obvious communication and information sciences are in a fast and high speed progressing so for moving forward with this high speed we need to some tools such as English language.

It should be mention that learning English is not necessary only during the academic years of education, it is also a requirement for their future after graduating because students should keep themselves update with new incoming subjects of their field after graduating, and this important is not possible except that they know English well as an international language and a tool of communication.In a conclusion, ICTI has been aware of this fact therefore there is English language lesson in each semester and the exact detail of English subject in curriculum is as follow:

40 hours, 2 credits in each semester.Totally each student passes 320 hours and 16 credits of English lesson during his bachelor degree.

English department chart:

  • Head of department: 1 person.
  • English lecture: 2 persons.
  • English librarian: 1 person.

In new methods of language teaching listening has a great role in learning of a foreign language; fortunately there is a well equipped laboratory for English subject for enhancement of students’ learning process.I as the head of this department hope that we can improve this department more and more by cooperation and involving of ICTI manager and the other academic personnel.