Communication Department - Information and Communication Technology Institute

Communication Department

Fiber Optic

Cabling laboratory has the equipments to use for students experiment like splicing fiber optic cables and how to convey the light from a fiber. And also it has TDR to use for losses of a signal in a copper wire.

Wireless Lab

Wireless lab has the equipments for calculating and measurement loses of a signal between tow antennas for this experiment we have to have the distance between tow antennas and the height of antennas and height of place from ocean surface all of these calculations depend to a software it’s called (path loss).

Communication Lab

In this laboratory we can do many experiments like modulation we know that we have tow kinds of modulations one is analogue modulation and other is digital modulation and these modulations divided into separate parts of modulation analogue modulation divided to three other Parts.AM, FM, PM modulations. And digital modulation divided into ASK, PSK, FSK and QPSK, we can experiment all of them in this laboratory.

Satellite and Antenna Lab

This laboratory has the antenna and satellite systems for experiments in antenna, satellite and microwave lab.Microwave system,We have in this lab many experiments for microwave system there are parts like: Frequency meter, Gun oscillator, Pin modulator, attenuator and etc. For the satellite system we have thee modules the first one is (Transmitter earth station) the second one is (satellite) and the third one is (Receiver earth station).

PABX-Digital Telephone Lab

For the (PABX) and digital telephone we have the switch for experiments for students: the students can check the busy tone, dial tone, ringing tone, with a soft ware which is installed on the switch and also we can change the number of a subscriber by the software.