Electronics Department - Information and Communication Technology Institute

Electronics Department

ICT Institute has been established on the base of Afghanistan requirement to the Technology of ICT through the policy and strategy of Ministry of Communication and Information. Since we are moving toward the third generation of ICT that includes a package of Voice, Data and Video then we have to enhance our ICT to be able to reach to mentioned generation and development.In the Academic chart of ICTI, there is the Electronic Department for compensate the academic requirement of students and this department is made of following parts:

  1. Head of department one position.
  2. Lecturer five positions.
  3. Librarians’ three positions.

This department has arranged its lecture notes according to ICTI curriculum and in credit system and it has been approved by Faculty of Engineering of Kabul.The following subjects are taught as follow:

First year

Index Subjects Hours Credits
1 Electrionic circuits 60h 3
2 Principle of Electronic 60h 3
3 Analog Electronics 60h 3
4 Digital Electronic 60h 3

Second year

Index Subjects Hours Credits
1 Power and Energy system 60h 3
2 Microprocessor and Microcomputer 60h 3
3 CAD, CAM Electronic Design 60h 3


Index Lab
1 Power and Energy System Energy LAB
2 Analog and Digital Circuit LAB
3 Microcontroller, Microprocessor and CAD/CAM Electronic Design LAB

Since we are entering to the third generation on the base of Digital system so we in ICTI and in Electronics Department tries to train our students with the requirement abilities in the field of planning and designing of telecommunication systems and our education goal is training a high educated students that can serve his and her society.