Science Department - Information and Communication Technology Institute

Science Department

Where Technology is difficult and impossible without having access to mathematics, Physics and chemistry therefore science subjects in (ICTI) as main subjects beside the other professional subjects.So sciences department was established in (TTC) for this reason. Now that (TTC) is developed to (ICTI) ,it’s curriculum prepared by the (ITU) specialists and (ICTI) experienced teacher and approved by the education council of the Kabul university which is including subjects mathematics in four semester general physics in two semester , chemistry in one semester being though by the professional and experience teacher. The teachers of this department are as following.

  1. Mr.Taher khogiani (Msc in maths, physics) head of the department.
  2. Saadullah Rezayee (Bcs physics, math) member.
  3. Mr.Farooq (Bcs physics, math) member.
  4. Alhaj Aminullah (Bcs math) member.
  5. Somaya (Bcs physics) member.
  6. Abdul hai member.

The following issue are covered in mathematics and physics:

  • Set theory ,read numbers ,complex number , basic algebra ,function ,liner , equations , progressions , logarithm , introduction to matrices and determent , basic Geometry , conical forms trigonometry , angular and paler representation.
  • Limits continuity, statistical analysis , derivatives and applications victor spaces , Cramer’s rule , integrals , Taylor’s , Theorem divergence , probability , statistics , differential eq convergence , maclourins series , laplas transfrom , Fourier series , victor calculus , Maxwell eq , electrostatic charge , measurement of physical quantity , vector , mechanical machine , velocity , Newton's law , potential energy , vernal law .