Clinic - Information and Communication Technology Institute


For the first time we have established a clinic in the information & communication technology institute with the assessment of (MCIT) ministry of communication, information and technology (2009-01-01)First of all availing the opportunity we want to introduce our clinic.This clinic used to serve the students, teachers and other patients around the ICTI and provide health facility to them.We have scarcity of medicine and equipments for the clinic.

We would like to request to the entire communication organizations specially ITU to support our clinic or refer us to any relevant agency that an assist us in our necessities. (Medicine and Equipments).ICTI clinic has a medical doctor that checks up all the staff of ICTI during day and provide health facility to them and at day night proceeding of the health service for dormitory students.

Duties and reposibilities:

  • Registration of the patients.
  • inspection and prescription of the patient
  • Follow up the patients.
  • Providing emergency health services.
  • Advice to relevant manger for protects the environment of the ICTI.
  • Check up the meal/food of the dormitory.
  • Aware the student from health education.
  • Take simple of meal and keep it in the freezer for inspection.