Dormitory - Information and Communication Technology Institute


The ICTI dormitory was established in 1964 and it had the capacity of 50 persons and this dormitory welcomes to all students every year and in 2007 we had 50 students from Kabul University and in that year the numbers of students became around 100 persons and in 2008 and 2009 the numbers of students increased to 150 persons.Each room involves 4 students with clean blankets, mattress, pillows and blanket covers. There are 2 times meal serving and a menu with good variety of meal and rather high quality with the help of ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

ICTI has a Health clinic room from 2008 for eliminating the health problem of students and doing a sufficient health service. There are sufficient physician in 2 shifts in the case of happening any emergency cases. And the medicine of this health clinic is provided by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.The rule of accepting the students in dormitory is according to dormitory rules of higher education and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. And applicants should have the following qualifications:

  • Belonging to a low income family and his previous residence should at least be 35 kilometers away of ICTI.
  • In the case that a student has been in a dormitory one year ago and now his family has moved from Kabul to another far province or city, he should provide an official ratification to be allowed to admit to dormitory.
  • The acceptance quota for dormitory will be announced by Ministry of higher education in each year.
  • The students of this dormitory will be behaved as like as the other students in other afghan dormitory, and there is no need for any legal assurance.
  • In the case of any failure in any semester a student has the permission of using dormitory if he can get 65% in his average.