Library - Information and Communication Technology Institute


The new changes in the Science and technology field has led toward the Communication and Information level and it all has caused that we can observe the world as a Global village.These in processing changes are made due to societies and their people requirement and Afghanistan as a member of this world can’t ignore this fast changes so it should consider improvement and enhancement in its all parts and also in the field of Information and Telecommunication.

Fortunately with considering the above fact the Ministry of Information and Communication established the training center and then it enhanced to Information, Communication technology Institute. this enhancement happened by the supporting of ITU and fortunately this caused many good changes and improvement in ICTI parts as library.In the time of TTC there were only 2000 books but now there are about 4000 books in the different fields, such as computer, communication, electronics, IT, CISCO, science and also English.It should be mention the library is equipped with modern chairs and tables and the students have access to internet in the library and it is a quiet and suitable place for studying and the official chart of the library is as follow:

  1. One person as the head of library. Abdull Ghafar ghafori.
  2. One person as the manager of library. Mohammad Shekib Saber.
  3. One person as the staff of library.