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Students Honors and Rewards

Mohammad Nasim son of Abdul Kabir, fourth year student  got highest marks 91.5% among his 235 fellows at

Information and Communication Technology Institute for the first semester of 1391academic calendar and

received the motorcycle set apart for that purpose.

Pamir Cyclet Co. designated a number of motor cycles assembled in its factory for the student who makes the highest marks at his/her college at Kabul University as well as at Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI).

Yesterday, after 3months of displaying such motorcycles at each college, through a large gathering at Kabul University Auditorium while Prof. Obaidullah Obaid the Minister for Higher Education, Chancellor and Vice Chancellors of Kabul University and the deans of Colleges as well as Prof. Mohammad Shafi Sharifi, Director of ICTI were present, the keys of the motorcycles were donated to the nominated students.

On behalf of the ICTI I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nasim and his family for deserving such great reward and wish him all success in future.

Also, ICTI take the opportunity to thank management of the Pamir Cyclet Co. for their imitative and generous prize of motorcycle. Pamir Cyclet commitment appreciating the outstanding students with prizes in our institute is sincerely appreciated.

We hope this will be a good start and looking forward for the continuation of this process.