ICT Institute - Information and Communication Technology Institute

ICT Institute

T.T.C was established due to requirement to national specialists and skillful experts in the field of Telecommunication in 1964 by financial and technical cooperation of UNDP and ITU. TTC was a part of organizational structure of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the students of this center were educated from the 12th grade. The foundation work started simultaneously with establishing of TTC with the supporting of UNDP and other organizations and this center inaugurated in 1964.
TTC improved to junior college in 1971 and its curriculum involved forward fields; radio, telephone, television, outside plan, channel carrier, microwave, telegraph, telex, language that all taught in theoretical and practical method by skillful experts. More than 1260 students have been graduated from TTC since its establishment in the major of information, communication technology as an assistant of engineer or technician.

As the need of ICT engineers were felt, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan Tried cooperation to gather to upgrade TTC to an ICT Institute. Then in the beginning of 1386 according to 2007 the Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI) was established, and every year 50 passing attendees of the Kabul University exam are introduced to this Institute, at the end of 1389 - 2010 the first round of the ICT engineers were graduated from ICT Institute.


The following are the reasons of upgrading of TTC to ICTI:

1. TTC was established according to requirement of technology but by passing of time, It wasn’t sufficient and modern enough for coming requirement according to high speed changes in Technology.

2. New Technologies in IT and communication is based on digital system and IP protocol because of this fact , making and implementing of all new planning and projects required to high educated experts who should have been trained , and this important didn’t achieved without upgrading of TTC to ICTI .
3. Improving and enhancement of cities and districts in the field of telecommunication needed to skillful experts.
4. The ministry of Communication and Information Technology had planed the e-government for enhancement of quality of administration and management affairs and for this purpose our society needed to related expert