About the LEADER Partnership - Information and Communication Technology Institute

About the LEADER Partnership


LEADER project is funded under Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2). The project focuses on fostering international cooperation between 8 European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and 16 HEIs in emerging Asian countries through the promotion of mobility at all level of studies and training for students, PhD candidates, Post-doctoral researchers, academics and administrative staff. The project aims to mobilise 165 students, researchers and staff in both ways between Asia to Europe. The LEADER cooperation will cover various disciplines with strong focus on research and training in the field of Smart technologies for a wide range of application areas to address the research and technological challenges in these areas. It is great opportunity for ICTI instructors and students as well as instructors and students from registered universities with MoHE to apply and enhance their education.

LEADER provides scholarships for students, researchers and staff from the Third Countries targeted by the project (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, China, Sri-Lanka ,North Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan and India) in order to study, do research, training or teaching at one of the European Partner Universities (Host Universities).