The Fifith Graduation Ceremony Of ICT Institute Students - Information and Communication Technology Institute

The Fifith Graduation Ceremony Of ICT Institute Students

On Tuesday January 20, 2015 before noon, a grand ceremony was held in ICTI conference's hall on the occasion of graduating students from information and communication technology institute(ICTI), the ceremony was attended by engineer Baryalai hassam deputy minister technical and in change minister of communication and information technology, Wahabuddin Sadaat deputy minister administration and finance, Eimal Marjan deputy minister of IT, leading personalities of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, chief and members of Afghanistan Teclecom regulatory Authority (ATRA) board, chief and leading personalities of Afghan Telecom, professor Mohammad shafi sarifi chancellor of information and communication technology institute, lecturers and a large group of guests and parents of graduates.

The ceremony began with the recitation of several verses of the Holy Quran. At first professor Mohammad shafi sharifi directore of icti welcomed the guests and congratulate the fifth graduation of the institute's to the graduates students, families , Ministry of communication and information technology and suffered people of the country.

The director of ICTI in his detailed speech realized the responsibilities of graduated students for future, Professor sharifi in his speech said that the course of history can only be predicted, which the prediction contains volatility and wonders, this suffered country and the rest of the world need to the university educated youth, youngs which are not only equipped with knowledge but also should have the ability to acquire new knowledge, for giving timely answers to unexpected crises, challenges of diverse professionals in public affairs and daily life.

professor sharifi further added that – An academic institution will never have improvement away from relationships with other academic institutions, especially institutions and international universities - especially in the age of science and modern technology changes and developments in the technology frontier is limited boarding, he also gave information about the four partnerships under the name of FUSION, SMARTLINK , LEADER and LEADERS which recently became between ICT institute and 80 Asian and European international Universities.

Afterward, Engineer Baryalai hassam deputy minister technical and in change minister of communication and information technology informed the graduates, to understand their responsibilities and what challenges they will face in the future and also the challenges in telecommunications sector in the country that it faces, Electronic ID Cards.... discussions were presented. at the end of his speech, he encouraged young graduates to upgrade their bachelor level to Master's , PhD levels.

Subsequently, Mr. Saadullah Rezai, spoke on behalf of the lecturers, afterward one student on behalf of the students thanked the teachers and employees of the institute, ministry of communication and information technology and other stakeholders who have traveled four-year education students support and thanked for their commitment.

The ceremony ended with the distribution of certificates and prayer.