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Post Training Center

For evaluating and improving the postal services in Afghanistan; (U.P.U) the Universal Postal Union in Switzerland with the cooperation of (A.P.P.U) Asian Pacific Postal Union in Bangkok of Thailand, decided to send a specialist in the name of Mr. A.V.Seshanna to Afghanistan for improving and evaluation. The reference number of mentioned project was: RAS/81/036This specialist according to his agreement arrived to Afghanistan in 26-3-1983 and he succeeded to finish his report and delivered it to Switzerland and Thailand countries in 14-4-1983.

After that the postal service department was established in the Telecommunication Training Center. At the first of this process 3 specialists from foreign countries with the support of international monetary fund came to this department and after that some other ones attended to Afghanistan. And this process of coming foreign specialists was in process by coordinating and doing the translation of an Afghan person in the name of Mr. Taheri. And after him 3 other coordinators and translators in the names of Mr.Aminollah Arab, Mr. Mohammad Yunes Badihi and Mr. Hakimi continued this project.

There was a project of enhancement and improvement of Afghanistan postal service and this project involved 3 months training courses in the field of international postal service and national postal services and the target groups of this project was the staffs of ministry of Communication and Information.The lecture notes which were taught in these courses were provided by international specialists according to international postal convention in English language and then they were translated to Dari for courses usage.

It should be mention that beside the theoretical issues there were many practical courses as visiting the different postal branches in all over the Afghanistan.Teaching process and holding course continued until 1985 and after the project was implemented by Afghan specialist with the managing of Mr. Abdoljalil Taheri until 1992 then there was duration of suspension but in 2006 the postal department started its work again.

This department is made of:

  1. A head of department.
  2. Two lecturers in management and practical affairs.
  3. One laboratorian.

More than 220 persons including; staffs, mailmen, postal managers have been trained from all provinces and cities of Afghanistan.